I am happy, and you know (claps hands).

Today is International Happiness Day! Woooohhhhooo!!
As a generally happy person who seems to be living in a world of doom and gloom (well that is the impression I get from my Twitter and Facebook feeds) I get so fed up with everyone’s negativity, and the fact that everyone blames something or someone else for their miserableness.
I know not everyone can be happy all the time, and sometimes you can be in a rubbish mood for no reason, but I think people, overall need to look at the brightside of life. Things could be worse, it just depends on how you look at them. 
We are all responsible for our own happiness and shouldn’t put our happiness in other peoples hands but when everyone is being so negative it is hard to be happy, and if you are (and you’re me) you will feel guilty for being happy, which is a ludicrous idea.
Everyone has a reason to be happy( and everyone should have a happiness list of things/ times/ thoughts that make you happy, but not people because of they upset yo, you’ll need your happiness list!).
Here are some of the things that are on my Happiness list;
Walking along the beach; Closer to the edge by 30 Seconds to Mars; playing with my pet cat;  watching Pride and prejudice; I’m still breathing: Reading Festival memories; and Fall Out boy.
I also enjoy pictures of cats; here have one, to make you smile…..

Happy Happiness Day :)

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