Confidently Shy

We all have are flaws, everyone, some are just better at hiding them than others and other people own them better than others.
One of my major ‘flaws’ is that I’m shy.
This actually isn't a flaw (well I don’t think) and you know why?? I do it well. I am amazing at being shy and introverted. Because I know its what I am like, and guess what!? I’m totally okay with it!! Really.
People have tried to get me to ‘come out if my shell’ and ‘be more confident’. But why?? In my eyes that just means you don’t like the person I am which incidentally doesn't do a lot for my confidence and then how the hell do I feel less shy?? Hummmmm?
I feel more confident when I’m comfortable with people and when I don’t feel pressured to ‘get more involved’ in a social situation.
So I’m okay in feeling shy, and it happens to work well for me. So in the nicest possible way.
(That loud enough for you?)

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