Something I hear a lot are the words ‘oh you're so brave’ or ‘ooohhh I don't ever think I could be as brave as you’.
These ridiculous phrases were thrown at me recently when I was talking to someone about going to the dentist, because as everyone knows going to the dentist can be the scariest thing ever (although as I learnt last week, actually some dentists can be wonderful, like actual tooth fairies- but that’s for another rant, once my teeth are all fixed and beautiful).
People like to tell me I’m brave, and I don’t think I am, I think I get on with it, and that’s not being brave, if anything that’s casually ignoring it.
For me being brave meant wearing a bikini on the beach a few weeks ago, or going to a hairdresser (seriously, it terrifies me). But I think bravery is like beauty, it’s in the eye of the beholder.
Everyone is brave in someone else’s eyes and sometimes, (as we all should do on days we feel ugly and ‘eugh’) we are all brave (and beautiful) even if we don’t see it, or forget it.
So well done on being brave.
Have a sticker to celebrate your braveness, and to congratulate those around you.

(yup, as made by me in about 2min, if you can make a better one then add it too the comments below)

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