'Faking it'.

I fake things, we all fake things. Things such as smiles, being grown up, that we care about what he said she said he said.
There are also things I do not fake, being ill is one of them!!
I don’t know why people think that this is something I would fake. Recently I’ve found out that some body from my old job was telling other members of staff that I was faking being ill to skip out of work and get attention!
There are 2 major thing wrong with that statement, firstly I had the lowest amount of sick days with in my team despite being ill a lot of the time, and secondly if I’d wanted attention I’d get my boobs out, that’s easier.
If I was faking then I’d be a bloody good make up artist (I go pale and blue very quickly), I’d be healthy and feel fine when I wanted to go out (I am not and often miss out on things/nights out because I’m too tired or can feel myself getting ill) and a horrible person to put my friends and family through this, go to the doctors etc. for nothing.
If anything I fake feeling well. So many days I carry on like normal when actually I should be at home resting.
What I’m trying to say is that just because I seem well, and it might not be obvious that ill, I’d give anything not to be okay. So why would I fake it?
Why would I fake it?
If I was going to fake something to get me out of work and create attention etc I’d be way more imaginative. Really.

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