Stairs and Stares

Its always awkward starting a new job, Uni or college, or in fact just meeting a new lot of people that you’re going to spend a lot of time with. I always find it a little awkward at any time so, throw in a long walk, hill or stairs and normally I just want to leave.
People react differently, some don’t let it make a difference, others ignore it, some flip out and stare when I’m ill and a funny colour.
So based on past experiences I’m always nervous about telling new people why I cannot do stuff and if they will freak out or not.
I've just started college (good life choice) and imagine my horror when both our class rooms are on high floors, one on the 5th and the other on the 3rd. Yes there is a lift but when all your new classmates walk up the stairs how do you go “errrm if I keep going up and down 5 flights of stairs I will fall over” its kinda hard, and you can just jump in the lift but then people think you’re lazy. Ehhhhhhhh. So after the first few days of taking the stairs (bad life choice) I had to just take the stairs and slowly tell people. I've mentioned this blog, we were talking about driving so a few more people know and I maybe (did) accidentally make an ‘I’m going to die’ joke to which a face of horror was pulled by someone (ooopsie). So now I've just had to start taking the (so slow) lift and casually asking if who wants to be my ‘lift buddy’ and apparently people do so that they don’t have to take the stairs. Hurrarrr everyone’s a winner!
So the lesson is, take the lift, don’t make jokes until people are more comfortable and people will be your ‘lift buddy’ because they don’t look lazy.
Lisa 1 – insane amounts of stairs 0.
edit- just had to go through and replace the word life with lift. We all know a ‘life buddy’ is the last thing I want.

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