Fun Fact Friday #8

I am so uninspired at the moment, that its an effort to even write up 5 facts if hard. I have half a dozen half arsed, half written blog posts to finish plenty of plans and I keep trying to do them and 'eh'. IT's probably because I'm stressing myself out with things such as work and job hunting. (That's a major hint to anyone who might want to employ me btw! )
I am so Un-fashion but it is the start of London Fashion Week today so here are some LFW related facts for yall!
1. The first LFW happened in February 1984, and was organised by Annette Worsley-Taylor and Lynne Franks. It was also the first year of the British Fashion awards. It was held in white tents outside the Commonwealth Institute in Kensington. In 1992 it moved to being held in just a few rooms at the Ritz due to the recession meaning less designers were showing. LFW main events are now held in Somerset House, and have been there since 2009.
pic by Liton Ali, via Flickr
2. In 1989 Kate Moss made her runway debut. In 1992 Alexander McQueen made his LFW debut, 1993 saw Phillip Treacy debut, with Naomi Campbell walking down the catwalk topless! And in 1995 Stella McCartney showed her first collection with both Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell modelling her designs.
3.  32,000 miles are driven by chauffeurs taking people between shows and 200,000 copies of the official LFW broadsheet, The Daily are distributed around London. (Fashion week is not so eco friendly then!?).
4.  At LFW SS16 approximately 30,000 espressos, 25,000 bags of Propercorn and 20,000 bottles of water were consumed.
via pixabay
5.  If you're a blogger and you want to be an accredited blogger for LFW you have to fulfil the strict criteria set by The British Fashion Council, including having over 10,000 unique blog visitors per month, and over 10,000 followers on social media (as well as having a high standard of fashion content and such...) and even then there is no guarantee of accreditation. Fortunately the London Fashion Week website does have resources for all of us mere mortals to keep up to date with all the action.


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