Fun Fact Friday #7

Today is the most exciting day ever (well this year), I am going to see Good Charlotte, my favourite band ever for the first time in years!!! I love them so so much! And speaking of love (see what I did there) here are this weeks fun facts. All about Valentines, because I'm feeling uninspired and unoriginal.
1. The most widely believed theory of the origins of Valentines day is from the days of Roman Emperor Claudius II. He didn't want Roman men to be getting married during a time of war (he was probably worried it would distract them or, you know, make them not be so okay with dying). However Bishop Valentine went around performing secret weddings. The bishop was jailed and executed for it, but whole in jail he allegedly sent a note to his jailor's daughter signing it "from your valentine".
2. In Victorian times bit was bad luck to send a card for Valentine's day.
3. In the middle ages many people couldn't write, so when signing anything would use a " X" and then kiss the "X" to mark sincerity, which is why today we mark cards etc with a "X" to symbolise a kiss.
4. It was King Henry VII who officially declared February 14th the day of St Valentine's in 1537.
5. Almost 1000 letters are sent to the Italian city of Verona on Valentines day addressed to Juliet from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.

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