Things to do in Dublin

Thing you must do in Dublin

This time last week I was packing my stuff up and getting ready to head back from a wonderful four days in the Irish Capital. There is so much to do and see in Dublin, and even though we managed to cram as much is as we could, I've already got plans of what I want to do next time I go back, whenever that may be.

I have complied my list some of my favourite things we did while over there;

1. Queue for Kilmainham Gaol;
You do have to queue, and you do need to be there really early (we tried to get in one day but the queue was going to take about 3 hours so we got there at 9.30am the next day and we still didn't get on a tour until 12pm!), but it is totally worth it. Dating from 1796 to 1924 The Gaol has layers upon layers of history, and on your guided tour you will learn life at Kilmainham through the years including lots of info about The Easter Rising. (€4 per adult.)

Kilmainham Gaol DublinKilmainham Gaol, inside a cell

*I've just seen on the website that you can book tours online as of next week, but prices seem to have gone up, check out
2. Go underground at St Michan's Church.
At first glance this looks like a nice unassuming church, but it's got a history, and some mummies in the crypts. I'm not going into details of who or what is there, just trust me when I say it is 100% worth your time and money (€6 per adult).

St Michan's Church, DublinSt Michan's Church, Dublin

3. Learn about Jameson Whisky at an old distillery.
As someone who thought they didn't like whisky, I can now say that if you want to buy me a drink, I'll have a Jameson and Ginger please. There are plenty of distilleries across the city, but we headed to Jameson Old Distillery (which is just around the corner from St Michan's church). While it is not a working distillery, you do get a guided tour, and get to learn about the whisky making process and what makes Jameson and Irish whisky different to others, and yep there's a tasting and a free drink at the end of the tour! (€16 per adult).

Jameson Old Distillery, Dublin

Jameson Old Distillery tour, Dublin

Jameson Whisky Tasting, Dublin
4. Become a Viking at Dublinia.
Learn about the History of Dublin, and its Viking and medieval past, and how historians and arachnologists' work and make their discoveries. It's a fully interactive museum, and you can dress up, what more could you want? Well you can also climb St Michaels Tower for some blummin' wonderful views across the city. (€8.50 per adult).

View from Dublinia, Dublin
The Book of Kells is an amazing historical and religious document which, long with some other incredible similar books are on display at Trinity College. Once you have seen the Book of Kells, head through to The Old Library. The smell of old books is incredible as is the library itself, and you can be forgiven for wanting to have your own Beauty and the Beast on the ladder in the bookshop moment (spoiler, you can't actually touch the books) but you can marvel at the amount of books and beauty of the library. (€10 per adult)

Trinity College old Library
Trinity College old Library  Trinity College, Dublin

 6. Pull your own pint at the Guinness Storehouse.
We couldn't go to Dublin and not visit the Guinness Storehouse! Learn all about how Guinness came to be, and how it's brewed. It is not a guided tour you can wander round at your own pace, learning about everything Guinness from the first pint to the last advertising campaign. Learn how to taste Guinness and or course learn how to pull a pint of it, or head to the bar and have someone do it for you. The famous Gravity bar gives you amazing views across the city, but be prepared for it to be really busy. (€20 per adult)

Guinness Storehouse Tour, DublinGuinness Storehouse Tour,Dublin, My Pint
Guinness Storehouse Tour, Dublin

Gravity Bar, Guinness Storehouse Tour, Dublin

7 and 8. Eat in Aperitivo then drink and dance in The Porterhouse.
Both in Parliament Street in Temple Bar, Apertivo serve up freshly made pizza, paninis as well as serving coffee and cakes, and I had one of the best pizzas I have ever eaten. For real, and it was something echoed across the table. Bloody good food, in a lovely small little café which isn't too pricey.
Just up the road from there you will find The Porterhouse. The place to go for Craft beers and live music. We had a good couple of drinks and a boogie, and then ended up in another of their branches near(ish) Trinity College for lunch, and can totally recommend it for a boozy lunch.

Live Music at Porterhouse, Dublin

That's just 8 of my favourite things we did in Dublin, to read more about what we got up to check out Jenny's blog.

Trinity College, Dublin
Have you been to Dublin? Let me know what you loved in the comments below.

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