New Year, New Things and Fun Fact Friday

Happy New Year!! I've been offline for the last few weeks, mainly due to it being really hectic in the lead up to Christmas, and I've been making the most of spending time with family, friends and food!

I hope everyone had a magical Christmas fab New Year! I can't wait to get into 2016, this year is going to rock!!!!
2015 was a weird year for me, I'm not going to say it was a bad year, but obviously it wasn't always the best of times but hopefully, now I'm better I can focus on other things that do not already involve hospitals and blood tests!!

I've got some awesome plans for 2016, fun plans, trips and things to do on this blog, which nicely leads into the first FunFactFriday!!
Each Friday I shall endeavor to bring you 5 facts of a different theme that are hopefully fun and one day be useful to you (most probably in pub quizzes).
So without further ado here are five fun facts about New Years eve;

1. There were 100,000 tickets sold for last night's London fireworks celebrations at £10 each.
2. In last year's London fireworks, over 400 different types of fireworks were used to create the display.
3. The 29th of December is the day most Brits had to the supermarket to buy for and drink for New Years.
4. Every year 1million people decend on Times Square in New York City to see in the New Year. 5.Samoa and Kintati are the first places in the world to see the New Year (at 10am NYE UK time) and Baker Island and Howland Island (at 12pm on New Years day UK time) are the last.

Happy New Year everyone! Let me know what you're looking forward too in 2016, and add your fun New Year facts!

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