5 Simple things to keep warmer this winter.

Today I'm sharing some easy ways to help you keep warmer during this cold snap.

I have always been someone who feels the cold, but before my operation I was always cold. So a constantly cold person I have become a master of little tricks to keep warm, and today I'm sharing some with you, to help get you through this sudden cold weather.

1. Radiators pants!! (and socks, tights, tees, gloves etc..)
This is pretty much the best feeling ever (Some people may say Love is the best feeling, they have never put on a pair of warm pants on an icy morning!). All you have to do is put some of clothes on the radiator when you go to bed and then they are all ready and toasty when you put them on.
Warm clothes and if you plan your outfit the night before that's an extra 10 minutes in bed!

2. Warm water/ fruit tea.
You know those 8 glasses of water we should be drinking a day? I find drinking cold water less and less appealing the colder it gets, so I warm them up! Warm water is my number 1 go to when I'm really cold and when I feel sick and when I get a bit bored of water I'll try a new flavour of fruit tea or ginger tea for an extra boost of warmth.

Pomegranate tea, scarf and a good book..
3. Scarves all the time!
I love a scarf and pretty much always wear one during winter. So many choices and always one to go with any outfit, and keeping my neck warm I feel the difference. 
4. Hand warmers!!!!!
The best invention ever.
Admittedly they can be a bit of a pain, having to boil them, wrapped in a tea towel but when I activate my hand warmers they stay really hot for ages. obviously you can get the microwaveable ones but I don't find them as effective.
 5. Sneaky layering.
Probably my super power.Sneaky layering is really easy. From leggings under jeans and vest top, tee, jumpers then you can go all out and go for sneaky layering when your going out out. Think natural coloured tights under black ones, trainer socks in shoe boots, and a vest top style jersey dress under a nice skater dress or skirt top/combo. I have on many occasion shocked friends with how many layers I'm wearing with them noticing.

I hope you liked my ways to keep warm, and if you have any other tips leave them in the comments!

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