Five things that have changed while Busted have been apart.

It was a Friday night, we sat in Pizza Hut after only ordering chocolate fudge cake trying you work it out.
What could out happened to make something that was so great go so so wrong?
What was going to happen next?
Would we ever see them again?
Why would Charlie leave Busted?

That was 10 years ago, when a lot of my friends weren't old enough to drink and when Pizza Hut was considered a nice place to eat out, and how things have changed. Since then we have finished college, got jobs, seen the world, moved out, and some of us have got degrees and babies of our own while some have moved back home and had three lots of heart surgery.

 With the announcement of their comeback earlier this week I got thinking to what else has changed in the time Busted went away and came back...

1) We can tweet, Instagram and Facebook our 'feels'.
Yup, when Busted broke up we couldn't read about it all on Facebook, and let everyone know we were devastated with a status. There was no live tweeting our reactions or instagraming our tear stained faces in front of our poster covered walls.
Twitter didn't launch until July 2006, by which time we had mostly recovered, Facebook also launched later that year (it had been around before but only to those at select universities, colleges and companies) and we did Instagram anything until 2010.

2) We can't shop in Woolworths, Borders  or Virgin Megastore :(
Need new music, films, baby clothes, school stationery, sweets or random home accessories with a bit of pick'n'mix on the side? Head to Woolworths! It was pretty much Santa's workshop, where you could get a gift for anyone. Including Busted albums, but we could also pick them up at Virgin Megastores  (later known as Zavvi) and when we were a bit older, we could go to Borders for our music, books and coffee needs. Sadly Woolworths, Zavvi and Borders all closed in 2009.

3) Doctor Who is back!
Doctor Who made its comeback in 2005, with Christopher Eccleston playing the 9th Doctor and Billie Piper as his assistant. Since then The Doctor has regenerated 3 times, had 6 main companions and swapped his sonic screwdriver for sunglasses.

4) We got pretty cool mobile phones now.
Back when Busted were breaking up most of us had pay as you go phones, costing 12p per text and each text being only 160 characters. How on earth did we manage!? Now we are all attached to the internet, its generally cheaper to have a contract and  we are always having the Android vs iOS argument. Yes the phone you can't live without wasn't a thing until 2007, when the first iPhone was launched with the app store coming a year later along with the first release of Android software (with a snazzy HTC dream).

Smash Hits stopped being published in 2006. No more fortnightly 'juicy secrets' from our favourite bands DEVASTATING!

So is the new world ready for the return of Busted? Can they still do the Busted jump? Can I still do the Busted jump? Well we shall all find out when they tour the UK next May.

What do you think about Busted's reunion? Let's discuss it in the comments...


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