Little Things #2

5 More Little Things.

Many weeks ago, not long after I had come out of hospital I wrote about some of the little things that were helping me feel better, both physically and in general.
So we are now 25* weeks on from my operation. That's right, 25 weeks ago I was sitting in St Thomas' Hospital watching the filming of James Bond from my window, listening to Young Guns praying I wasn't going to die in a few hours.

I am (obviously) so much better since then, but some days things are still hard and frustrating, like my legs wounds still hurting when the cat sits on them, or the fact that I sometimes struggle to remember things or multi-task when my brain decides to have and off day (this is normal for the amount of drugs I've had, apparently).

So here are 5 more little things that have changed, and are making me smile now;

1, Walking up hills!!!
So anyone that has read some of my past post from ages ago might have noticed that I complained about not being able to walk up hills. I could do, but I would really really struggle and often feel awful afterwards, quite problematic when you consider I live in a really hilly part of Brighton, in the middle of a big hill. But recently (like that last 6 weeks or so) I've been tackling hills like its no ones business!! I've been making a effort to walk up the hill from the bus stop at least once a week, and not avoiding hills in general!
It's still very exciting for me, I'm not feeling nearly as bad during or after walking up hill!
This means night buses can be a thing for me once again! woohoo!!
I also walked down to Pooh Bridge, in Ashdown Forest earlier today and the walk back up took me ages last time, BUT NOT TODAY. TODAY I AM THE QUEEN OF THAT HILL!!!

 Pooh BridgeAshdown Forest


  2, Putting my jeans on!
Okay let me explain; as part of my surgery the doctor cut open the tops of my legs, in-case he needed to get any veins out to use in my heart, luckily he didn't need any veins, but I did leave me with two very swollen and gross scars right at the tops of my legs, then one of the stiches didn't dissolve and the whole thing got a bit grim to be honest. what was really infuriating for me was that my legs were too swollen and painful for and denim shorts or jeans. So now (thankfully) my legs are almost back to normal and my jeans fit and aren't painful!

Museum visit - IN MY JEANS!

3, Not having to leave so early to get the bus!
I'm similar fashion to my walking up hill excitement, I am generally walking faster, so to walk down the hill to my bus stop doesn't take me as long and allows me and extra three minutes indoors!
(It used to take me six-seven minutes to walk to the bus stop, now only four-five, so on a good day that a whole three extra minutes!)

4, Going back to work!
Yup, after three months off work, it was nice to actually have something that I had to do, that didn't involve doctors and blood tests. I'm only back part time but it is good to be getting back to normal.

5, Looking red not dead!
Recently, since I've been being more active other people have noticed not only the difference in what I can do, but also how I look afterwards!
Last week I went to a gig, had a bit of a boogie and afterwards not only did I feel okay, but my sister noted that I was all red and flushed, where as before when we went to gigs I would feel awful after, and apparently look it. So yay for looking red not dead!

Frank Turner

 These are some of the things that have been keeping me positive through the bad days, as well as excited for the future. Comment below and let me know what little things keep you motivated and positive .

*It is 2am and I can't sleep, so I'm not 100% sure if its 25 weeks, I'm pretty sure it is though.

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