Apple Music festival.

One direction at the Apple Music festival.

If you don't know, for 10 nights every September Apple take over the Roundhouse in Camden and fill it with some of the best music artists on the planet, a crowd lucky enough to have won a pair of tickets and then broadcast the show on iTunes/Apple music.

So a little over a week ago I was lucky enough to go and finally see One Direction! (Screams!)

I've been wanting to see One Direction for years but there has always been something that has meant I couldn't go so I was ridiculously excited to get to see them, in a small venue, before they take some time out.

So off we headed to North London, where (when we eventually got off the tube - seriously London people, how do you deal with that every day?) we went and got food before joining the biggest queue we have ever seen for The Roundhouse. Apparently some of the people at the front had been there overnight!? And halfway down the queue it split and there were hundreds of people waiting to see if they could get in on standby tickets. Craziness!

Apple Music is the first gig where I've ever been congratulated and welcomed to in such an enthusiastic manner, I think all venues should congratulate you upon entering.

Support came from Little Mix, and if I'm honest I wasn't convinced on them and though that I only knew about 2 songs.

I was incorrect on both accounts! There are a lot of Little Mix songs that I know, but didn't know they were Little Mix songs, and they absolutely owned that stage. So so good, their vocals were incredible, dancing was amazing, and if there was a little bit of miming (which there might have been, I don't know, I just suspect) then it wasn't obvious and would have been completely accepted because the whole show was so good.

The atmosphere was electric while we waited for One Direction.

Now I love One Direction, I have defended them from people who hate them because of how they became a band and blew up, because One Direction are a boy band, and whether you agree with the Xfactor  or if you dislike their music, they are bloody brilliant at what they do! No one can deny that as a boy band they are blummin marvellous!!

So I was slightly apprehensive as to whether they would live up to expectations or if it was a lot of hype.

Pleased to report that in fact they exceed my expectations and were incredible!! I didn't know that Niall played guitar? I didn't think they would have a sense of humour towards Zayn leaving and where I was super excited to go, I wasn't prepared to love it so much!

I think after just  one song I turned to my friend and exclaimed that I was totally attracted to all of them.

They played a great set, with a mix of older and new material and my personal fave 'Best Song Ever' and everyone was on their feet for 'You don't know you're beautiful'. There were singalongs, screams and plenty of love in the Roundhouse.

It was truly a amazing gig.

I could waffle on about it but I'm pretty sure you would rather look at some pictures.....

I just want to say a massive thanks to Priya for taking me as her guest!

I had a wicked time :)

Were you there? Or did you watch it online? Let me know what you thought in the comments below. X

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