American beauties in Leeds - Fall Out Boy review.

Last week saw the return of Fall Out Boy to the UK, so my sister and I headed to Leeds to see them (again).

Our evening began with Professor Green, who may be an unusual choice of support for Fall Out Boy and isn't someone I'd pay see headline, but he was really good. Really! And while I'm not rushing to see him again, I can honestly say he is very good at what he does.

Fall Out Boy are given a hero's welcome when they take to the stage. Beginning their 90 minute set with 'Sugar we're going down' the rest of the set list was that of dreams, every song was an anthem that brought a new burst of energy to the crowd.

Most of the songs tonight sound exactly like the recorded version, with Patrick Stumps vocal skills being outstanding as usual, as were the drum solo, stand out rifts and acoustic songs showing each band members talent that make Fall Out Boy the musical superheroes they are.

There were moments when it seemed like the band were just going through the motions, however, these were out shone by the moments such like the acoustic songs on the B stage in at the back of the crowd and during particular highlights such as' 'Centuries' and 'American Beauty/ American Psycho'. The crowds energy, however doesn't relent until last tones of Saturday have left the area, with Fall Out Boy proving themselves as saviours of Rock and Roll, again.



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