The Little Things....

I've been out of hospital for 4 weeks now, and the have been a tough 4 weeks. I'm still struggling to focus, I'm going out for short walks and returning feeling shattered then finding it hard to sleep and its even a bit of a mish to get in and out of the shower.
so while all this frustrating stuff is going on its nice to have little things to keep me motivated, and to make me feel better in myself.

1. Dyeing my hair!
I always dye my hair and hate it when it's faded or in bad condition,

but after 10 days in hospital without a proper wash and another 3 weeks until I finally dyed it(well my Mum did). Using my trusted Stargazer magenta we got my hair back to a bright pink, which really made me feel like I was getting back to myself again.

2. I have time to try out all those nail art tips that are on pinterest!!
With varying results....

Also i've got right back into Pinterest. I love pinning pretty things!

3. Trashy magazines,  and catch up TV
As I've mentioned in previous posts, my focus has not been that great but trashy magazines are great as you don't need to concentrate on them and catch up TV means I can watch things and if/when I fall asleep/get distracted I can watch it all again.

4. Putting my trainers on!
After heart, and many types of other surgery, you can get some leg swelling and sometimes you will be given pressure socks to help prevent it but it's not possible for all operations.

I had a lot of swelling. At one point it was said I looked six months pregnant and my feet were too big to put on socks or shoes so I spent my first week or two in flip flops. So when last week I managed to finally get into my trainers it was my own personal victory, proving to myself that despite the bad days I am slowly getting better.

5. Getting outside.
I'm really lucky in that I have a Mum who was able to take time off work for my operation and recovery and almost every day we have had a little adventure somewhere so that I can get out the house, whether it's been a walk along the seafront, or just to get some cat food, not been stuck indoors all day makes time go quicker, gives me something to look forward too and means I'm able get the exercise I need to get better.

What are your little things that help keep you going when you're feeling down/ill? let me know in the comments.

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