Getting Better with Google Fit.

Normally I don't bother keeping track of how much exercise I get. 

I'm pretty good at knowing how my body works and 
making sure I stay as fit and healthy, but now is not 'normally' and I'm trying to build up my strength and I've been looking for some kind of device or app to help, without having to spend loads of money, after trying a couple of other apps I discovered Google Fit.

Using your phones location services or GPS  it can track the distance you walk, cycle or run, you can also add plenty of other activities.


For me I'm using it to track how far I'm walking and how long it takes, but it also gives me an approximate on calories burnt and steps taken.

When I downloaded it the Google Fit defaults for daily goals were one hour of exercise, 6000 steps, 5 km and 1500 calories (when you set the app up you add your height, sex etc so it can help work your goals out) and you can change these goals. My aim was to be able to walk 30 min by this time (6 weeks post op) so that's my daily walking goal is set at.

As well as changing your goals and activites you can also connect it to other apps and devices.

While the I'm only using the app to monitor my progress right now, I'll be using it to help me keep fit (and work off any extra weight I'll have gained over these 12 weeks) once I'm better.

You can download Google Fit from Google Play for free. 

I'm really looking for a decent app to monitor my heart rate. Leave a comment if you have a recommendation, and let me know what apps and devices you use to keep track of your health and fitness!

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