Its today

So its, some stupid time in the morning and today is the actual day my doctor rips apart my chest and does some kind of medical magic.
To say I'm scared is an under statement, I haven't slept (but I think I'll be getting more than enough sleep this week). I've managed to stay distracted by the filming of some James Bond scenes outside my window.

I did manage to have  an excellent weekend, Friday managed to catch up with a lot of friends, get most of my shopping done and see Jurassic World.
I want to say a massive thank you to Jenny, she got me an awesome 'hospital kit' with some dot-to-dot books, a colouring book, some books to read and some colouring pens, its amazing and means so much.
Saturday I headed on a little day trip with my Nan, and we went to Chichester. Had a wonderful day checking out the town and cathedral, (big ta to Anna, who recommended we go to Bishop's Garden, it was stunning.

To add toy stresses my phone ran out of battery Friday evening and never worked again but thanks to the helpful people at Tesco Mobile I got a new fancy phone on an upgrade.
So now is the time for me to go wash in a interesting smelling antibacterial wash, take some drugs and wait for a couple of hours until its time.
I'll see you all on the other side..... XxxXxx

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