Motivate Me Monday Playlist

Monday's are hard enough, but this morning is bleaker than a usual Monday. The post Christmas blues have hit me hard ( and I know I'm not the only one) so I created a little 'Motivate me Monday' playlist to help me on my way to work this morning which you can listen to below or direct on Spotify here
(one or two of these may be unsafe for work, or delicate ears *sweary)

2016 Motivate me Monday playlist track listing and why;

Live Like This - The Xcerts  (I love everything about this song)
Get Better - Frank Turner  (Petty much my anthem of last year, give it a listen and you'll see why)Uptown Funk - Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars  (You cannot be unhappy while listening to this song, and it is filled of holiday memories for me).
Kings and Queens - Thirty Seconds to Mars  (I don't have a reason, I just like it. a lot).
Part of me - Katy Perry (Because people will screw you over, but they can't destroy you! AHHHH!!)
Don't Be So Hard on Yourself - Jess Glynne (Pretty self explanatory).
Throne - Bring Me The Horizon (It makes me want to be shouty and get stuff done in a good way)
Ambition is Critical - The Blackout (See above).
Bite My Tongue - You Me At Six (See above above).
Let It Go - Idina Menzel (It's an incredible song, from an incredible film, and no one can deny the power of this song NO ONE IS IMMUNE!).
Perfect - One Direction (Tuunneee, and it does sound perfect, debating using the lyrics for my tinder profile!?)
Black Magic - Little Mix (A proper girl power, dance-along, sing-along song).
Memento Mori - Young Guns (I debated between this and Infinity, but this won because it's got more go to it and makes me want to dance).
Don't you (Forget about me) - Simple Minds (It's a bit of a tune, and It reminds me of growing up, because My Mum is a massive Simple Minds fan, so I've been listening to them my whole life).
Festival Song - Good Charlotte (One of my most favourite bands ever, this song reminds me of what I was like when I was younger and cooler, I much preferred that Lisa, and I want her back).

Let me know what you think, and what you're listening too this morning.

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