Fun Fact Friday #5

Today I'm off to London for an MRI scan and I started to do some research into MRI's for #FFF, however, reading about it all, I managed to freak myself out a bit (even though after last years scan I know I've no reason to fear it), so I decided that actually no, MRI facts are not 'fun' and I don't want to research them right now.

So then I noted that yesterday (28th January) was a pretty cool day if you're  into your Tudor history.

On the 28th January 1457, Henry Tudor (later to be King Henry VII) was born, and on the same day in 1547 King Henry VIII died. Okay so 'pretty cool' might be an exaggeration, but yea, I like my Tudor history, I think it's cool.

So naturally, here are this weeks Fun Facts, all about Henry VII and Henry VIII.

1.  Henry VII, was born to Margret Beaufort, who was just 13 when she gave birth to him. He was born into the House of Lancaster who during the War Of The Roses were fighting against The House Of York , for claim to the throne. As his mother Mary was a descendant of Edward III, Henry had a genuine claim.

2.  Through the War of The Roses many from The House of Lancaster where killed or executed, so Henry fled into exile in France with his uncle Jasper. He later returned to England and faced Richard III in the Battle of Bosworth. Henry's men beat King Richard's men, and the king died on the battle field. Richard was the last reigning monarch to go into battle.

Henry VII

3.  Henry VIII is famed for having six wives. His first wife, Catherine Aragon, was his older brothers widow and his fifth wife Catherine Howard, was cousin of his second wife Anne Boleyn.

4.  Most of us have the image of Henry VIII being rather short and obese, but he was actually pretty tall, standing at 6'4, and was described as an 'adonis' and was fit and healthy. It was only in his mid Forties after a jousting accident that lead to constant ill health did he being to put on weight and by the time of his death he had to be winched on to his horse.

Henry VIII

5.  Henry VIII had more people executed than any other monarch. Estimated between 57,000 and 72,000 in 37 years, and, he had been married to two of them.

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