Me, My blog and I.

So this is my blog.

Annoyingly it's taken me ages to make it look this way. Not all because I'm bad at HTML and CSS, (I'm still learning it as I go though) but because I was trying to make it look 'perfect'.

I never used to care about how it looked, what I wrote. I did what I pleased and made me happy. Recently I've been worrying about what it looks like, if people will read it, will people hate my words and run away from the bright colours!?

Back in the day I didn't care. Today I don't want to care.

So many blogs look almost the same (I know this probably looks the same as others, but like I said I'm learning ma coding). I read all the blog tips about how to make my blog look 'professional' and best for your readers, but white on white on white is not me, sure it looks stunning on other blogs but for me... I'm all about the brights!

I guess the same can be said for content too, I've been comparing my posts, and my subjects too other blogs and felt like mine weren't good enough. Which is bad, because actually after looking back at previous posts, the ones where I'm trying too hard suck and the ones where I'm all hands in the air cause I just don't care are best.

So that's all what I wanted to say, basically its a round about way of saying I felt pressure for my blog to look a certain way because that's what people say you should do but actually this is my blog and this is how I want it too look!

I'm always playing about with this, and it will change around, small things here and there, and its not going to be perfect and that's ok.

Its my blog, for me, (and maybe you) and we are not perfect.

Me and my cat. For no reason other than she is perfect :)

Let's just be grateful that I've got rid of the pink text in the post that was all over my love journal 10years ago.

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