It' all Jokes and Lolz.

Jokes, Lolz and Completely inappropriate!
I think its fair to say that when it comes to my health I should be a bit more serious, I don’t mean practically, I take my meds, get the bus avoid hills etc. I mean when it comes to discussing it.
You see I joke about, it makes things less scary, my family and closest friends joke about, that’s how we deal with it, perfect examples include the time we were looking at animal hearts (at the Nature inside out exhibition, not as a random daily activity), when I mentioned a old TV show called ‘Pig Heart Boy’ conversation then turned into us wondering if, if I ever did have to have a transplant that a). I would like a nice looking, as heart shaped as possible one please and b). I would totally fake the whole having the donors memories and feelings condition some people get, just to freak my friends out.
This is how many of our conversations about this sort of thing are played out. The other day I day I’d like to break Jennifer Ennis’ hurdle record, claiming it may be the last thing I ever do but ‘what a way to go ‘or the time a group of us were heading home from town and we got the night bus, one person asked why when we live a 20min walk away, my friend simply turned and said ‘she will die’. Simple and effective.
This is all fun and banter my friends and I have if and when the subject comes up, it makes it easier to deal with and, assuming you’re my friend and we are comfortable with each other its all jokes and lolz and this is how we like it.
I’d apologise for offending anyone, but its my heart and I’ll Joke if I want to.

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