Busted - Live Review

Brighton Centre - 14th February 2017.

Last year saw the release of Busted's 3rd album Night Driver, their first studio album since 2003. So now they are back on tour with this latest album and have landed at The Brighton Centre on Valentines day.
Night Driver is a major departure from the wannabe pop-punk of the early noughties, and to prove this Busted kick off tonight's show with Kids with Computers, an interesting choice to say the least. Is this Busted's way of proving to us that they are a changed band? One where there are no guitars in sight?
Has Charlie (Simpson, guitars, vocals and breaker-upper of Busted) decided that he's done pop-punk, done rock and acoustic and now wants to play at being an 80's popstar? It does look like it.

Busted live in Brighton

This is not to say that new Busted is not enjoyable, it is, and they are pretty good at this synth pop thing, the major problem seem to be that most of the crowd don't want 80's Busted, they want Air Hostess Busted, proven by the excited screams and continuous jumping around that occurs when said song is played.

The show continues bouncing to-and-frow between old and new songs, and there is nothing bad to be said about the performance tonight. It is full of energy, its slick, its sexy and it sounds good. When the band leave the stage after and encore of What I go to School for, Coming home and Those days are gone, the crowd still want more and a guarantee if Busted come back to Brighton they will be welcomed back with open arms, and intrigue as to what their next sound will be.

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