Same old brand new me.

I am forever making 'new day/week/month, new me' plans, pretty much almost every day. This is mainly because I'm not a massive believer in having major life plans. Yes I have goals, and ideas of how to make them happen and mini goals to get there, but I've learnt that you can have the best laid plans and life will come along and rip the ladder right out from under you.

So this year I've got some goals, most are part of bigger plans which I don't want to get into, some things need to be kept between a girl and her notebook.

So here are the smaller, things I'm going to so this year, to help me out in my bigger plans.

  1. Listen to more podcasts and new music.
    I tend to listen to the same bands, and mainly conspiracy theory podcasts. Recommendations needed, leave them in the comments.
  2. Do more and see more things.
    I live in Brighton. An hour a way from London. There is sssooooo much to see and do, but do I see even a real fraction of it? No! MUST SEE MORE!
  3. Do my make up before I leave the house.
    I am normally the girl who puts on her make up on the bus/train. This is not only impractical but messy. So I'm doing my up-most to actually be ready to leave the house when I leave the house.
  4. Message people on Tinder!
    I am one of those horrible people who gets matches and never messages anyone first, and then if I do get a message, often get into a conversation and then forget about if for a few days. Maybe this should actually say delete Tinder?
  5. Travel more- on my own.
    I want to go see the world and as much as travelling with friends and family is great, I feel like going off on my own is going to do me so much good. Build up my confidence and help me regain my independence. (Imma write more about these issues another time).

These are some of the smaller things that are going to help be get to the bigger things.

What are your little resolutions? Leave them, along with your music/podcast recommendations in the comments.

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