Malaysia Part dua (2)

Day 3 of Malaysia fun-times and I was up at 5am to meet Emma who had just got the overnight bus down to Kuala Lumpur from Dungun. So we tried to watch the sunrise, but there were buildings in the way, so we got coffee and croissants and sat/swam up on the roof for a few hours.

Sunrise, happening just behind the big building.

Later on we regrouped and headed off towards Dataran Merdeka to check out some of KL's sites, museums and visit the Petronas Towers.
We took a whistle-stop walking tour of KL, starting at the oldest Mosque in the city, Misjid Jamek (Jamek Mosque), unfortunately it was closed to visitors due to maintenance work, but looked beautiful from the outside so is definitely on my list of places to go next time. Then from the bridge heading towards the Dataran Merdeka (independence square) we got a brilliant view of the two rivers that give Kuala Lumpur its name.
Ready for the fun fact? Kuala Lumpur means “Muddy Confluence”. The confluence in question is of the meeting of rivers Klang and Gombak.

Misjid Jamek

The river confluence. Putting the K in KL

A little walk later and we found ourselves at the Dataran Merdeka (Independence Square) and the KL City Gallery. In the Gallery there is a wonderful display about the History of KL and Malaysia, from colonial times to when they received their independence on 1957 and the development of the city. Make sure you go upstairs to the model city presentation, it is incredible and keep in mind that this cost us just 5MRY (so about £1) it is totally worth that just for the model city lightshow presentation thing.

Once we had bought out postcards and fridge magnets from the gift shop we continued with our walking tour around Dataran Merdeka, and after a wonder found ourselves in at the Central Market and then Chinatown. It was hot sweaty and full of cheap/fake perfumes and designer handbags, but I did manage to find some pretty funky trousers and a fan (the best 12MRY I spent al holiday -seriously it's hot so get a fan!). You do have to haggle, which I found daunting but also really fun, and you should try some of the street food. We grabbed some Putu Bamboo (a cake like thing made from rice flour, sugar, pandan leaf and coconut) and Rambutans (a small fruit).

While that was great fun, the real treat of the day was heading up to the Petronas Twin Towers. Fun fact number two... Until 2004 they were to tallest buildings in the world and remain the tallest twin towers!

Once we (finally) found the entrance to head up to the towers, via a mall (hint hint KL.. so more signage would be super handy) we were soon up on the bridge, which is a mere 41 floors up, with some incredible views. Then we jumped back in the lift and headed up to the 86th Floor for some evne better views and the beginning of sunset. This is when my camera began to run out of power and my spare batteries were in my bag, which you have to leave downstairs (boo), but its just another excuse to go back to KL again – more photos, haha!

41 Floors Up
86th Floor Sunset

Once we were back on ground level we headed out to the park, watched the fountain show, which was a bit magical, and then headed back into the mall and grabbed some more awesome food and a coconut to drink out of before heading back. A quick last walk around Little India for Emma and myself, where we grabbed some Milo to drink and some India sweets, and then we were all back on our rooftop bar, because new habits die hard.

Petronas Towers by night

Little India again.

Day 4 and our last day in KL (Big Sad face)
There was only three of us as Jo had to head back to Hanoi early morning, so we began the day, like proper grown ups, with cheesecake for breakfast before heading to The National Park. Our major challenge of the day was crossing 4 lanes of traffic to get to the park (as someone who hate crossing roads anyway, this was utterly terrifying, but we made it and we didn't die, whoop!)
We headed for the bird park but on route found an observatory.


Mini Stonehenge

The bird park was great and it was really awesome to get up close to the birds and not have them all in cages, it was less fun being pooed on by a bird! (yes that happened and yes it was gross, but you've got to get your good luck somehow right?) It was also a lot bigger than anticipated and took up most of our day! We saw Hornbills, Flamingos, Parrots, Pigeons with great feather styles, Storks and so pretty angry Milky Storks being fed, and plenty of others I don't know the names of. We also headed to the deer park, which in comparison was a total disappointment, all the deer we saw were in cages, with the only animal free to roam was a monkey.

This may or may not have been the bird that pooed on us!



Angry Stork

With that we headed back, popped to the shops, a quick dip in the pool, ate a lot of Sushi and then took Emma back to the bus station for her overnight bus back to Dungun, I'm pretty sure you can guess where Jenny and I ended our last day in Kuala Lumpur.....

There is just one final part of this adventure to come, make sure you come back to check out the fanciest resort I've ever stayed in, baby turtles and our snorkelling adventure.

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