That time I went to the gym, and didn't die

What's the scariest thing you've done recently? For me it was walking into a gym for the very first time!
This happened last Friday evening. (yes guys, a Friday evening!), I've been talking about going since January, but you know life happens and chocolate biscuits and Hollyoaks have seemed to have slightly more appeal than getting hot, sweaty and out of breath (-y).

But here I find myself, meeting my friend B (who used to be a gym bunny) outside our local Gym. We log ourselves in to the computers in the foyer, get our emails and pin codes for the doors/pods (If you have ever been to The Gym Group, you know what I mean). And then I was in. And Terrified.

There they are all the glamourous people just jogging away on a treadmill and on the other side the people all hot a sweaty holding weights above their heads while making weird, not sure if that's okay to make in public kinda grunty noises. All who probably fill there Instagram with quotes like '' and gym selfies. (Soz to stereotype, but if the new Nike trainer fits...)

Then there's me, in a vest top, unsuitable bra, ill fitting hoody and 3/4 trackies that are slightly misshapen because the last time I wore them was years ago when I was doing Jujitsu classes. Totally intimidated by the machines, a little worried about my legs falling off, majorly worried about my heart giving up.

Luckily for me B knows the gym, what does what to what muscles, how to use the equipment safely and made it really easy and fun. We started with on cross trainers (which are super fun) did some rowing machines, small weights and other various resistance and cardio equipment.

I was really worried that a) I wasn't going to be able to do a lot and B) everyone could tell, but pretty quickly I stopped worrying abut everyone else. (I actually made sure that my scar was visible, so that f anyone did notice me being a light weight they might be understanding or take some pity on me). Actually I was so focused on what we were doing I didn't really notice anyone else, and I'm pretty sure no one took much notice of me.

The time flew by, I didn't die in fact I didn't feel ill at all. getting into the gym was worse then being in the gym.

After an hour and a half we left, and I was expecting to have to crawl out and ring for a taxi home, but then this wonderful thing happened.. I felt amazing! like I could take over the world! confidently I got on the bus home (still in my trackies).

Admittedly I did feel a little bit achy when I got indoors and very achy the next morning, but nothing as bad as I had expected, but most importantly still like I could take over the world (albeit slowly).

So what have we learnt....
1. The gym is scary.
2. It is not full of gym dickheads taking selfies.
3. Everyone is so focused on themselves to worry about what you look like.
4. Tracksuit trousers are not as horrific as I first thought.
5. I Bloody love the gym!

- 1st September Update! I actually joined the gym! Like I signed up and pay monthly!

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