10 Things you learn when you have surgery.

 I've been meaning to write more 'heart' posts but its tough, sometimes I plan to write something and then get weird, upset, or I get all in my head and can't get words down, so I don't write, or I just feel like I'm being too open maybe? Or that its too far since then to be relevant (because it feels like so, slong ago, but also not that long at the same time to me).

I decided to go with it, write more about the heart stuff, but like physio, I'm going to take it easy.

So here you we go; A list of 10 things I've learnt since beginning this whole 'going to have a operation' saga.

1. You will cry and sometimes be an emotional wreck. that's ok!
Like sometimes you will by a nice top and be all 'oooh that's going to be so awesome for when I come home' and ten minutes later you change into 'If I ever come home. What If I die? Then at least I can be buried in it!!??? and cry. A lot. In New Look.

2. Some people will not get it.
There will be some people, maybe those you work with, who will know that you're waiting for a phone call to arrange the day a man will cut open your chest, and yet despite knowing this will wonder why you're feeling extra stressed. Other people will not understand why it's such a big deal, and expect you to be back at work in a few weeks.

3. lots of people want to suggest alternative solutions.
Oregano might be the thing that cured you daughters friends gallstones* but I don't think extra herbs and yoga are going to miraculously fix a congenital heart condition, MMK'thanks.

*Not medical advice, but is what someone genuinely told me might make me feel better.

4. Your brain will go to mush.
My memories from hospital are sketchy, hazy and some things I have no recollection of (slightly worrying) and for the first month or so at home I was often in a daze. It's frustrating, can also be hilarious.

5.You wont realise how ill you are, until you're better.
For Real! I didn't realise how tough it was for me to do things. This time last year there is no way I could have walked up the hill to my doctors, but now I can. I walked there and back pretty easily the other day, and while it's only a little thing, those are the sorts of things that make going through the horror of surgery feel worth it.

6.Getting better is hard.
Mentally and physically.

7.Take your meds!!!
They make it easier to get better, so take them. No one gives you medicine for the sake of it!

That's just some of what I came home with!

8.You will meet some awesome people.
I'm not just talking about all the awesome staff you will meet, but the other patients. I met a couple of really awesome ladies when I was on the ward. Some really inspiring, and positive people who made being there no so bad, and together we could help each other on bad days and cause too much noise on good days.

9.The things you haven't even thought about will be the hardest.
Getting in and out of the shower, putting socks on, lifting the kettle. All hard work.

10.You have the best friends and Family.
Something you probably know already. Your family and friends will always be there, despite you being grumpy, a bit gross (I couldn't wash y hair for 11 days) completely out of it, tearful, giggly, or unable to get off your bed, and that is best medicine anyone can ever ask for.

Let me know what you think in the comments...

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