8 months on, still going to the gym, still not dead.

So in case you have missed everything else on this blog you won't know that last year, I accidentally became a person who goes to the gym. I didn't die, and you can read about it here.

So I figured I'd do a quick update on what happened next...

Well first lets say that I got some backlash from the most unlikely of places and people.

Post gym sessions/when I feel I can take over the world I occasionally tweet about it or even post a after workout selfie. I've had comments from 'Is this a joke?' to 'You shouldn't need to share your workouts' and my personal fave, 'you don't need to lose weight'!!

Cool thanks, I didn't actually mention my weight so its super nice for you to bring it up....??

I actually go to the gym to get stronger and generally feel better about myself. Lifting heavy weights make me feel powerful and confident. Soz if you don't like it, but if something is improving my mental health and increasing my confidence am I going to let your comments make me stop?

Feck no.

Did I stick to the gym?

Indeed I did, I still manage to go at least twice a week most of the time. Sometimes I go more often, and sometimes I only go once a week. It purely depends on how I'm feeling.

I do sometimes worry that I'm pushing myself too far and will die (still not happened yet). There are times where I really struggle afterwards, or can't do what I'd planned to do during my session.

Some days I go to the gym, hop on the bike or cross-trainer and I can go fast and far, other days I can't. Its hard not to get frustrated with myself on these days, because I know I can do it, but for whatever reason, body says no.

My biggest issue I'm having is with my legs. The arteries in my legs are, as my surgeon described 'scrappy', and sometimes my legs do this weird numb/cramp/jelly thing and I need to have a break from whatever it is I'm doing because I'm scared they will fall off. However my doctor says strong legs are the way forward in the long term so I guess I'll get back on the squats/lunges (which is a massive struggle because I have zero form and balance).

If you had told me a year ago that I would be lifting weights and using a cross-trainer regularly I would not have believed you, but now I can't imaging not doing it.

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