Being a bit more Moana

If you missed it, last year Disney unleashed a new princess on us, a fierce Polynesia princess that gives Beyonce a run for her money (who am I kidding, Moana beats Bey any day).
So here are four reasons why we should all be singing 'I am Moana!', or your own name, totally up to you.

Oh and be warned, potential spoilers ahead. 


Moana learns, and knows who she is, what she needs to do and owns it.
Despite being told many times that not to go out to sea beyond the reef she does. But not in an bratty Ariel kinda way. In a I need to do this to save us, heroic kinda way. She just needed a bit of encouragement from the island's crazy lady, her own curiosity and self belief and she was on her way.

Moana is fearless. If you were told that you had to go sail the ocean, find a Demi God on your own, without anything but the elements and stars to guide you. To go where no-one else had gone before, searching the unknown, for something that could just be a story would you? Most likely your saying 'yes of course', but really, think about that. Like really. I know I probably wouldn't. That doesn't top our princess though! She is Moanaaaaaa!!

Moana is resilient in the face of defeat, and coconut pirates. Even when Moana faces certain defeat, even when Maui deserts her, she picks herself up (sings a bit, obliviously) and then continues on.

Maui and Moana

When Moana grows up she will be chief of her island, and obviously will follower her calling to save the island. No prince charmings required here.
She is investing her time into knowing everything about the island, how it works and the people she will be in charge of. I guess we can assume she will be expected to marry, but the welfare of her island and her people is her priority.

Moana doesn't settle. Once she has saved her island and returned she doesn't just chill out. Nope, she goes back out there leading a fleet of ships out to explore further.

And now, because I'm sure you're inspired here it the song;

Moana is released on DVD on April 3rd

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