My Winter woes.

Firstly lets get this straight, I love winter, especially the snow however all that cold cold weather causes me problems. Of the breathing variety.
The main issue is that I live on a hill (that I can not walk up any day of the year, let alone cold ones..) in the middle of the suburbs and when it snows our area is one of the first to get cut off. 
Last week when it snowed badly I spent 4 days stuck at home! 4 days!!
It sucks, mainly because I could actually get a bus into town however they stop so far away from my house when it snows that walking down the hills to them is tough, and walking back up? no no no!! I even got stranded in town because I went to college, and there was no snow, left college and it was snowing and 20 minuets later I was stranded in a bus stop with no buses!! Thankfully my dad rescued me!! (thanksdadddyyyyy!)
I think the best thing about the snow is I can totally justify the insane amount of clothes I wear! I wear a lot of layers anyways but in winter I wear all the clothes!
My finest moment was going out in 2 pairs of tights (1 thermal), 2 dresses, 2 pairs of socks, a jumper, hoody, 2 pairs of gloves, 2 scarfs and a hat. (and underwear, just for the record) yup.
So safe to say I am super-duper happy about seeing the sunshine and double figures this week. SUPER-DUPER HAPPY!!! Although now I feel I can’t justify wearing quite so many clothes. sadface.

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